Event Series JY 24 – Walking the Ramp

JY 24 – Walking the Ramp (Class 4)

WebEx , United States

Enthusiasm and Confidence Combined Steal Hearts Practice and Participate to show your Presence Online practice will be followed by two in-person practices before April 13, 2024. Tech Rehearsal - April 6th, 2024 Start Date: February 1, 2024 Time: 6 pm Facilitated by: Meenakshi Srivastva Details will be sent for WebEx link after registration.  Registration Ends… Continue reading JY 24 – Walking the Ramp (Class 4)

JY 24 – Favorite Characters Come Alive (Session 7)

WebEx , United States

A short one act play with children in their favorite character costume exploring the small lessons life has to offer Age Range: 5 - 10 yr old Facilitated by: Kaveri Patil Class will meet online weekly and gradually transition to in-person. City for in-person TBD based on enrollment. Start Date: Friday January 12, 2024 Time: … Continue reading JY 24 – Favorite Characters Come Alive (Session 7)

Event Series JY 24 – Rhymes and Songs

JY 24 – Rhymes and Songs (class 7)

WebEx , United States

Online Keyboard Practice for Jeena Yahaan Performance The performers will learn and practice a range of rhymes and songs Start Date: January 15, 2024 Time: 4pm to 5 pm Facilitated by: Kaveri Patil Link for online classes will be sent to the enrolled. There will be in person practice. TBD

Apna Time for moms

WebEx , United States

Jeena Moms, here is a dedicated time for you to connect with other moms to relax and unwind from the comfort of your own homw. During this hour, we will do light hearted activities to break out of the routine. Come join to make new friends and connect with old friends!

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Tea Talk #7: Special Needs Trust

WebEx , United States

Join us for an insightful Tea Talk as we explore the intricacies of Special Needs Trusts and their vital role in securing your child's future. Whether you're new to the concept or seeking clarity on implementation, our session will cover essential topics to empower your planning journey. Bring your questions and connect with fellow parents… Continue reading Tea Talk #7: Special Needs Trust

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JY 24 – Duets

WebEx , United States

Time to Pair Up with Jeena Peers and Showcase Partnership The act needs to be 2 minutes or less Registration Required Tech Rehearsal on March 30, 2024 and Annual Event on April 7, 2024 Last Date: January 31, 2024