The board of directors

Meena Chockalingam Bedekar
Meena is the mother of 3 children including a 19 year old with Angelman Syndrome. Her passion and focus on Jeena, is to ease the Special Needs journey, by sharing resources and providing emotional and intervention support. She also serves in the Board of Orange County Regional Center to bring awareness to challenges faced by Special Needs families and suggest solutions to make their quality of life better.

Jayanthi Dixit

Jayanthi Dixit
Jayanthi is the mother of a 26 years old son with Autism. Representing Jeena from Southern California she connects parents and bridges the information and experience gaps for them. She co-ordinates various virtual classes with SoCal members. She also serves on the Board and Advisory committee of San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center.

Rajni Madan
Rajni is one of the founding members of Jeena and is currently the President/CEO of the organization. Her focus is in strengthening the Jeena Board and the executive committee. She spearheads the overall management in carrying out the purpose and policies as established by the Board of Directors. When not volunteering for Jeena. Rajni works as a clinician in adult psychiatry for a large HMO.

Cheruvalath Prabha
Prabha is a long standing Jeena volunteer turned Board member, a special educator with more than 22 years of experience. She is also the mother of 2 young adults and involved in many other educational organizations that foster equity of exceptional individuals.