What’s Normal

An Article written by Mr K.R.Venkatesha, President, KPAMRC for Jeena yahan 2011 Brochure. He talks about his 42 year old son Ravi, “the Darling Child” of the entire household.

Weekend Playgroups at Jeena through SSPBI

A group of Jeena Parents write about how they became friends at Jeena. “We were feeling very distraught with the diagnosis and wanted to get in touch with a community,” remembers Sujaya, Anika’s mom. “When we did visit Jeena, we were surprised to see how parents and kids enjoyed despite their disabilities.”


Arya, Beejal, Paul and Shanti talk about being “Special Parents”. They say “No one enjoys a free moment more or laughs at a bad situation more or cheers their child’s smallest steps more loudly than a special needs parent.”