This is a family’s journey through the years (from two and half to 11 years and on..). This should give you an idea about what to expect. If you want to learn the technical details of what is AAC, please take a look at the links below. They provide excellent details about the systems availableThis article discusses the process we went throughfor the acquisition of the Traditional AAC devices. These are expensive and it will take lot of time and effort to acquire. You have to go through lot of evaluations and approvals.
Also discussed are the alternatives to the traditional AAC. This is the most cost effective and the stress free way to get the AAC device using hugely popular iDevices (ipod/itouch). But there are limitations in using this based on the child’s need. This may work very well for the kids who doesn’t have motor issues such as kids on the spectrum but may not be a good solution for the others. Check with your SLP> before buying these devices. Most of the SLP’s are not familiar with the software available or not interested in working on these devices.