Online Art and Craft class with Kajal

Our Jeena parent Kajal will be teaching art and craft to our kids. Kajal is an amazing artist, here is a link to her website

She’s going to make this class fun for our kids with minimal painting and minor element of craft.

Class will be held online – WebEx, link will be sent via email once registered.  More dates will be announced later.

Instructor: Kajal

Start Date: Sunday,May 3, 2020

Time : 5 PM – 6PM

Fee: $2

Age – 10 and above

Registration Required

Supply list –

  • Thick paper, or canvas is preferable. Otherwise , drawing book paper. Hopefully good quality  so paper doesn’t warp when wet.
    Size : Square like 12 x 12 inches or rectangular standard drawing paper size.
  • Acrylic paints since they dry quickly. If there are not available,  use heavy  Poster paints . If these are also not available,  then water colors.
  • 1-2 paint brushes,  not too thick.
  • Some cotton balls (4-5)
  • Ear buds /Q tips. If not available,  then few matchsticks.
  • A bowl with some clean water and a couple of tissues or a cloth rag to wipe down the brushes.
  • A palette, or a paper plate or paper bowl to mix colors.
    Painters tape taped around the paper or canvas for a clean look at the end
    Excited to have fun , create your masterpiece, get a little messy and enjoy.







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