Leadership Within Jeena

Leadership from WITHIN Jeena.

Jeena is what YOU, the parent members would like JEENA to be.

Participate to develop a plan to support one another.

The idea is to discuss

· Short term priorities (1 year plan) for Jeena

· Roles and Responsibilities of Leadership

within the already established framework i.e. Mission to Provide with RESPECT, INTEGRITY and COMMITMENT, Information and Emotional Support to families of children with developmental disabilities through programs such as

1. Outreach and Support: online forum, regular peer group meetings and informative workshops

2. Social Interaction Thru Play: offer activities such as weekly facilitated play groups, teen peer interaction groups, classical music lessons, dance, summer camp and field trips

3. Short Term Financial Support: provide financial support to families in form of private tuition, therapy to children whose parents are monolingual and/or therapies not covered by insurance and other resources for families who otherwise cannot support this need for their child.







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